Sunday, October 23, 2011

Undefeated Pioneers with another victory 31-28 over UPS

The Pioneers sure know how to keep their fans involved in their games, and once again the game ended with the opposition's hopes ticking down to zero along with the game clock. Puget Sound's last minute efforts at a comeback via laterals was stifled by the Pioneer defense; The same Pioneer defense that held UPS to 63 yards rushing on 27 attempts, and forced 2 turnovers. LC's offense had 488 total yards, 166 rushing and 322 passing. QB Keith Welch contributed most to those numbers with the 322 passing yards himself completing 23/36 passes and rushing for 142 yards. The end of the game was anything but dull, the Pioneers gained possession of the ball with 4:54 to go in the game, up 31-28 after a Monley field goal was followed up by a UPS touchdown. UPS kicked-off deep and the ball was returned to the LC 35. The Pios drove 58 yards on 10 plays down to the UPS 9 yard line, taking almost 4 minutes off the clock. The Pios elected to take the clock down a bit further on a fourth down attempt from the UPS 9, and were stopped. UPS gained possesion on their own 9, and 9 plays later were facing a hail-mary hope at a victory or tie to go to overtime. In a bit of trickery the QB Braden Foley (Fr. ) rolled right and tossed the ball laterally to his teammate across the field. The ball was kept alive for about 5 or 6 tosses before the ball was finally fumbled by Foley again at his own 7 yard line. With offensive penalty flags down, the referees picked up their laundry and jogged off the field, signaling an end to the crazy yet exciting end to the Pioneers 6th victory this season. For the Pioneer seniors-this leaves their all time record vs. Puget Sound at 3-1, and this leaves the Pioneers atop the conference alongside the only other undefeated team, Linfield.

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Justin said...

Outstanding game. Easily the most-athletic LC team I've seen in 18 years of watching.