Thursday, October 27, 2011

Player Spotlight: Keith Welch

Sophomore QB Keith Welch Jr. is ranked #5 in Total Offense and #4 in scoring among DIII football nationwide. Welch averages 336.3 yds/game and has been responsible for 144 points. On the season Welch has thrown for 1486 yards and rushed for 532, while maintaining a completion percentage of 59.89%

Keith is one of the many Northern California natives on the Pioneer football team, a graduate of Fairfield H.S. Welch is known on the team not only for his athletic skills, but also his jokes-which seem to come in an endless stream. After 7 A.M. practice he can often be heard looking for a ride to go to McDonald's and get breakfast. There is no doubt that Welch is a leader of the Pioneer football program, his talents and skills set him apart as a gifted athlete who continues to perform and post impressive stat sheets. He was named to the Team of the Week last week for his 4 touchdown performance in the LC homecoming victory over UPS.

When asked about the team Welch said "I love these guys, they're my family." And when asked about the upcoming game at Pacific Lutheran he said "We understand it's going to be a battle, but we've been preparing for this war."

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joseph burrell said...

that is so cool, my pay per head bookmaking friends and I tend to play football whenever we can and we enjoy it a lot