Thursday, May 21, 2009

EEaaaaaarrrrrrrllllllyyyyyyyyy ACTION!!

Justin Fabrick - DL/LB - South Eugene HS
Eugene, OR

Coach Falconer spied this guy tearing up other kids at a camp during the summer. L&C became Justin's #1 very early...

" They have a tremendous study abroad program and the coaches talked to me specifically about why they wanted me there so bad. "

Justin went on to say:

" ...other places recruited me hard but it just felt like home there. "

give me a J ! give me a P ! Whats that spell??

What do you get when you combine speed, smarts and great overall feel for the game?

Jon Paul Ortega - QB - Jefferson HS
San Francisco, CA

A knee injury kept him out of games his senior year but here are a few glimpses of what he can do from a Junior Highlight:

From the 209...

Jay White - DB- Brookside Christian - Stockton, CA

Why L&C?

"I knew I would be challenged with school and Football - I want to do big things with my life"

Macho Man = Pio Man!

Steven Camacho
- LB - Concord HS
Concord, CA

Black and Orange !

Heath Rhodes

Yamhill-Carlton HS
Yamhill, OR - Safety

Why L&C?

"I am Looking forward to Lewis and Clark with its academic reputation and being a part of a football program that's up and coming!"

So Cal !

Andrew Frisina from Rolling Hills Prep in San Pedro, CA....

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

This cat already looks good in the Black and Orange

Brooks Patterson - LB - Selma HS, Selma, CA

Why L&C?

"Top Flight Academics and and I could tell as a program they were on the rise..."

2 Large Humans sited - in the 707...

Add two more to the party - both Justin Ruffino and Max Wagenknecht have chosen the Pioneers for their college and Football program of choice!

CLICK HERE to find out more.....

Monday, May 11, 2009

k - DUB!!

QB - Fairfield HS between Sacramento and the Bay.

You definately want to keep an eye on this guy in the future...


"It was a place where I could make a difference - and I can beat all the coaches on the Xbox at NCAA 2009 Football."

NK - headed NORTH!

Nathan Kinney - LB from Campolindo HS in the Eastbay is on his way this next Fall...

Reason for choosing L&C....

1. Academics
"Coach - I am trying to do something big with my life..."

2. Location
"the food was Legit...."

3. Momentum
"It was clear to me you guys had a plan of rebuilding your program - and I wanted to be part of that plan!"

Thursday, May 7, 2009

A.L. on the way!

Big fella decided on the the Black & Orange for next year.

Read more about it here...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New Pio in action...

Look at this catch by incoming Pioneer LB Chuck Krause from Dublin HS down in the East bay.

You will see him pop up but keep watching for the catch he makes in left field.
This little grab was nominated for Play of the week and Chuck will find out if he won at a big awards banquet later this year!