Monday, November 19, 2012

Ping Pong Royale

Ping pong fever has taken over the Lewis and Clark football team. And to make things fun, Coach Lockard and Coach Takeno put a friendly little tournament together for their position groups to have a fun competition off of the field. The linebackers and running backs competed in a 16 man bracket. They played for a professional wrestling type belt. Evaristo Laron won the tournament, giving the LB's the belt until the next tournament.

Ian Taylor, Sophomore RB, smiling in spite of losing in the first round of this heated tournament.

Linebackers Andrew Traver and Nate Kinney having fun watching one of their fellow linebackers.
 Coach Takeno in the middle of his battle against Traver.
 Josh Bocker, Freshman RB, showing signs of defeat after a rough game.
It wasn't all smiles for the linebackers during the tournament.


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