Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Battlin' for Butch

A regular at every game and even 6:30 A.M. practices since his son started attending LC, Butch Evans serves as an encouragement and as an essential part of the Pioneer family. Shawn Evans, Butch's son, is no stranger to awards and honors, and this father-son tandem is an integral part of our program.Family is a word that gets thrown around by many different sports programs across the country from little league to major league. But it is not a word that gets treated lightly at Lewis and Clark. While having 2 father-son coaching tandems as a model for real family relationships, the Pioneers attitude of a family willing to fight for eachother is something we take pride in. Butch Evans was diagnosed with cancer 5 years ago, and Shawn, originally playing football away from home, decided to transfer back to his native Oregon to be near his father while finishing out his football career. The Pioneer family is pulling together to fight for one of our own. Butch has shown his love not only for his son but also the family at LC and we are hoping to give something back to the Evans family that has done so much for us. In an effort to alleviate medical costs the Pios are raising money by selling wristbands, like this one, for $3. Feel free to contact Louis Baltazar, Dan Curtin, Joe Kopp and Lamar Curry or any member of the Pio Family to get one of these bands that carry the words "Battling for Butch." Find out more opportunities through our facebook page Battling for Butch, or stay tuned here for more updates.

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